Mark D. Roberts

One of my son’s friends (whom I’ll call DW) recently got into a serious accident while driving in Boerne. Apparently he was talking on his cell phone and dropped it. When he reached to pick it up, he lost control of his car and hit a stone mailbox. The good news is that DW will be fine. He was injured, but nothing that won’t heal soon. His car was totaled, and so was the mailbox, as you can see.

DW put up several pictures on Facebook, including some of his injuries. I will not post the more personal photos here, but I am putting up two pictures that show the damage to the car. As you can see, DW is lucky to be alive today, and to have such relatively modest injuries.

These photos are a good warning to all of us. Thanks, DW, for helping us to learn from your mistake. Glad you’re alive, my friend. Heal up soon!

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