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This week The Boerne Star feature this headline: “Certified Ghosts? Boerne Public Library gets certificate of paranormal activity.” Other cities may have fires, murders, and official scandals. But we in Boerne have ghosts! And in the public library, no less.
How do we know this isn’t just some silly ghost story? Well, a couple of weeks ago a group from Everyday Paranormal came to investigate. They found evidence of ghostly activity, including strange sounds and a book balanced precariously on a bookshelf. That evidence has been gathered and displayed at the Everyday Paranormal website. Really! You can check it out for yourself. (Photo: The Boerne library in the not-scary daylight.)
According to The Boerne Star, there’s no consensus on the identity of the library’s ghost. It could be the spiritual remains of Jospeh Dienger, the man who, in 1884, built the building in which the library is found. At first it was a market and a home. Then it was a restaurant and an office building. Finally, in 1989, the so-called Dienger Building was purchased by the City of Boerne, which turned it into a library in 1991. Others think the ghost is a woman whose abusive husband drank in a saloon that had once been housed in the Dienger building.
boerne library christmasLibrarian Natalie Morgan didn’t seem particular disturbed the idea of a ghost haunting her workplace. As The Boerne Star reports:

“At least one person a day expresses interest in the ghost,” she said. She freely confessed that she’d very much hoped to have an otherworldly presence confirmed and was happy with the outcome.??”I love the certification,” said Morgan. “I think it makes the whole ghost legend even more fun.”

So, take that big cities and metropolitan areas! You think you have big news. We have a ghost in the Boerne library, which doesn’t look very scary when it’s covered with Christmas lights.

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