Mark D. Roberts

On our recent trip to Europe, we had the chance to visit Ephesus, which lies just off the western coast of Turkey. Some of what we saw in Ephesus was truly amazing, such as the theatre in the photo to the right.
Only a few steps from the place where I snapped the photo of the theatre I saw a couple of other signs that gave me a chuckle. One was for a bathroom, or WC as they’re called in Turkey. Yes, the sign does indeed read: “Only 50 cent is enough to feel the magic atmosphere.” No, I did not invest 50 cents on the experience.
The other sign was promoting watches. And not just ordinary watches, but fake watches that looked like Gucci and Rolex. But these were not just ordinary fake watches. The were “Genuine Fake Watches.” I think this sign was meant to be humorous. And, no, I didn’t buy a genuine fake watches, even though the salesmen were in my face (literally). If you visit Ephesus, which I highly recommend, be prepared to be almost rude unless you want to buy lots of genuine fake watches.
I’ll have more to share in a more serious vein about Ephesus. But I though you might enjoy these pictures.

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