Letting Go with Guy Finley

How to stop thinking and start seeing…tree trunks, bare branches, sunlight

Guy Finley explains that there is a nature inside of us that wants nothing to do with spiritual work and inner transformation. We must meet this part of ourself that has no interest in doing what is right and good, and work to develop our will to be present in spite of the costs.

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In the world of thoughts and feelings, there is always going to be something to bother you. You are constantly identifying with and pouring your life energy into what cannot grow. Instead, you keep trying to grow by thinking… trying to find a better you by having better plans… even spiritual plans!

The only part of you that can actually grow is silence. A part of your nature is silent. It is the only part of you that can grow past all the pictures that you presently live from. If you want to grow, you have to go into this silence that is a part of you, and yet not “you.”

Silence is intended to become an intimate friend. Don’t try to do something with silence… just find it. That is your spiritual exercise. Your awareness of the noise is the birth of silence within you. It’s the very beginning and the best you can hope for as a spiritual student.

Every single time that up comes a thought, a feeling, a voice – all the noise in your head – you can choose, instead of going into the noise and trying to find some resolution in it, to go into silence. At the very same moment that all the terrible noise is going on, there is silence there, and you can choose it.

As you begin to give those rushing feelings and shouting voices the silent treatment, you will begin to discover an awareness of how terribly noisy and painful it is for you to live in the world you’ve chosen… and that is the first step onto the ground of silence.

Our spiritual work is to bit by bit discover natural limitations in the thought process.

What has happened in the world today is that human beings have had life replaced with the concept of living. In the concept of living there is not life, because all concepts are merely ideas. We have become a race of beings that literally try to extract our sense of self, our life, from ideas.  No idea has life! All concepts are a form of self-reflection.

I hope that one day, right in the middle, or right after you have bestowed on someone the magnificence of your understanding, you see that what you just did was rob them blind instead of giving them what they asked for. Maybe all they wanted to do was tell you about their problem… but what you wanted to do was tell them about what you understood. There’s nothing in that. That’s a concept that you’ve given.

The spiritual life is about wiping away concepts. Only the light of truth can begin to make a man or a woman stop seeing through the way he or she thinks. Stop thinking and start seeing. Don’t be afraid of what you see, because if you’ll stay there long enough, the light that comes down will show you that you don’t have to be what you thought you had to be. What you will see is all that is keeping you from being all that you can be.

You can have a real life, but you have to do the work.