Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
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The title of this article might seem confusing since you may assume that since you’re an adult you’re already grown up. But age doesn’t necessarily make you a grown up. For me, grown up means grown into yourself, who you […]

Years ago I was dating Brian, a guy who I liked a lot, but, I knew he wasn’t right for me. He treated me well, was like my best friend, and I trusted him completely. Sounds perfect? Some friends didn’t […]

What makes you happy? Many people say lots of money or expensive things. Kids tend to reach for the biggest one of something, thinking bigger is better. Many of us still do that. We think more expensive or fancier is […]

Many of us live with blinders on, walking down the street without actually noticing who’s there. It seems like life moves much faster these days, with more effort put into making ends meet and keeping up with technology. Texting, social […]

How rigid are you? I have a friend who has what I call a cookie cutter life. Karen was raised to be a traditional sort of woman and became teacher because she was told it’s a good profession for women. […]

Envy really can be a deterrent to your happiness. It can suck the life out of your joy if you let it rule your perspective. Envy can minimize your own blessings if you compare what you have to other people […]

People tend to look for ways to feel happy, but they’re often fleeting. Often we’re so busy trying find happiness we don’t recognize it when you have it. Happiness isn’t something you build by buying stuff or adding more bells […]

Stuff happens. Life can be going well and then boof! A glitch appears. It could be something simple like getting a run in your stocking at work or hearing a weird noise from your car. It’s common to go to […]

I write a lot about how money can’t buy happiness. Having it won’t substitute for unhappiness inside you. But Laura Vanderkam, my guest today, has an interesting take on it. She’s the author of several books, including her new one, […]

Have you ever had a waiter who was impossible to deal with, but you had to? Maybe he got your order wrong and had a snotty attitude. Someone like that can trigger you to leave the restaurant in a bad […]