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I’m a big believer in giving back in ways that help people. So many people in the world need help. That’s why I was thrilled to have a conversation with Bobby Sager, a businessman who made a fortune by seeing […]

Every year at Halloween time I hear women “complaining” about all the candy they’ll eat. It’s a good excuse to buy all the decadent sweets you love so you can pig out on the leftovers. I used to do it […]

I’m happy to have Lorraine Niemeyer, who writes the blog Inspiration Awaits You,  as my guest today. I love sharing the blessing of giving back to others. Lorraines true story brought me to tears and I asked if I could […]

I have a few problems on my plate that are big for me and have been making me feel stressed. Then I turned on the TV and saw pictures from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami and my problems melted […]

There’s a Japanese woman in my building who’s lived here as long as me. We always say hello on the elevator but that’s about it. Her English isn’t great so our conversations have been limited. But she always smiles and […]

I continue to post in my Giving Back series because doing good for others brings you so many benefits in return. The karma is terrific for attracting good things for you. But it also plain old feels great to know […]

What’s your response to someone who annoys or hurts you? Anger? Bristling? Wanting to get back at them? Instead of hurting them or lashing out, give them kindness instead. People who do things to annoy you are usually not happy. […]

I’ve been posting in my Giving Back series to alert you to the importance of paying forward for your blessings. DoorMats give to gain approval. Being liked is most important to them so they give to get approval and to […]

I remember years ago when I first heard about the concept of practice random acts of kindness. The exact quote, “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” is said to have been coined by peace activist Anne Herbert. These […]

I’m honored to have an interview with Gary Player, one of golf’s greatest champions. As one of the “Big Three” of golf’s golden era (with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer), he helped launch golf as a major international sport. He […]