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Recently I had to catch a railroad train that left the station at 10:41. The next one wasn’t for an hour, which would mean I’d miss part of what I was taking the train to do. I left plenty of time to get to the train station on the subway, but you never know! My ride began on a normal level, until several stations away, where we just sat, and sat, and sat. They announced we were being held up due to traffic ahead of us. We finally began to move and stopped halfway to the next station. Still traffic ahead.

I had 3 stations to go but we sat for ages at each one. I was getting close to missing my train. I’d thought there would be time to stop for coffee and go to my train in a relaxed way. But eventually I was just concerned about making the train. I had 15 minutes and the subway train just sat there. At first I got aggravated but then I remembered:

I had spiritual support–IF I chose to use it! I think of it as my spiritual parachute, since when things are falling out of place, I can open it for a safe landing.

I turned my watch so I couldn’t see it easily, told God I was putting making the train into His hands, and kept thanking Him for me making the train. When I got to the subway station, I looked at my watch and had one minute to make the train and 3 flights of stairs to climb–2 coming up from the subway, then a block length of a run to my track, then up a very long flight of stairs to the platform. I had my laptop in my backpack and was carrying some packages so running was not the easiest thing for me.

I ran as fast as I could, chanting, “I’ve made the 10:41 train!” Halfway up the long staircase I heard the last call for my train. I was out of breath and it become harder to fly up the stairs. But I put all the determined emotion into my affirmation. As I reached the top I saw it was 10:44, 3 minutes later than the train should have left. The door was still open and as I jumped in, it closed behind me!

Putting situations into God’s Hands and trusting that it will work out helps situations work out.

A spiritual parachute is there for us all to use. You need to put your situation into the hands of God, or the Universe, or spirit, or whatever source energy you believe in–in faith. Releasing it to your higher power can attract the results you want. The best ones come when you can release it and not worry. I release situations into God’s hands all the time, with strong belief and emotions created by knowing it works. The kind of strong faith I have takes time to build.

Start with a small situation. When you release it in faith and get the results you want, your faith will get stronger.

Faith is built one miracle at a time. I had none when I was a DoorMat, so I couldn’t manifest what I needed. I affirmed that my luck was usually bad and attracted lots of negatives. I saw myself as not having any support, except when I pleased people. When I had just learned about the Law of Attraction, my first try was for getting a parking space. It was in a neighborhood that was hard to find one in. I released to God that I’d find the best parking spot on the block I wanted as I approached it and kept affirming that I had it. I was shocked when someone pulled out of the perfect spot as I arrived.

Your spiritual parachute works when you open it, as I did when I released getting a parking spot to God.

As I wondered if it was just a coincidence, I was trying to reach someone I wanted to talk to badly but could never catch him. So I released it to God. On my next try, the guy picked up the phone. Understanding that I had a spiritual parachute was probably the biggest factor in my leaving DoorMatville for good. As a DoorMat I saw myself as unsupported. Now I feel supported every day! My spiritual parachute gave me the courage to try new things and to reinvent myself.

I ask for miracles whenever I need them and put it into God’s hands to help them happen. I get miracles regularly now. As a DoorMat I wouldn’t have felt right about asking for lots of miracles. Maybe one once in a while. Now I know that you can get many and I ask for whatever comes to me, whenever it’s needed. I’m in OINK! mode now. I do believe God wants us to put our situations into His hands as often as we need, so we can have a life full of miracles.

When you open your own spiritual parachute, you can get lots of miracles too! It starts with taking a step towards believing and then building faith as you attract the good results you need.

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