Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I used to walk around holding a lot of negative emotions in when I had no faith. It made me complain a lot and triggered more negative emotions that kept me in an unhappy place. When something went wrong I’d get stressed. If someone did something I didn’t like I’d get angry. If something I wanted fell through I’d be very disappointed. All these feelings affected my mood, my digestion and my outlook on life, which wasn’t very good.

All that changed when I allowed my faith to get strong and embraced my belief that as a long as I allow God to direct me, that I’m safe and all is well, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

I’ve since learned that all negative emotions show a lack of faith. Worrying sends a message that you don’t trust that you’ll be helped you through by your higher power. Stress puts you into a bad place that isn’t necessary when you’re faithful. As my faith got stronger, my negative emotions didn’t take flight during situations that used to rattle me. It took me time to even believe in a higher power but once I did, my life improved dramatically.

At first I looked to the Universe and Source Energy for fulfilling me. Slowly I began to talk to God. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter where your faith comes from. What does matter is that you believe that a higher power support you. Having strong faith like I’ve developed keeps my negative emotions to a minimum. Now I call faith my antidote for stress, worry, etc. I’ve seen first hand that:

•    When your faith is strong, it’s not necessary to worry about what’s going on because you know it will all work out.

•    When your faith is strong, instead of letting disappointment overwhelm you when something you wanted doesn’t happen, you understand and accept that everything happens for a good reason and you can look for it down the road.

•    When your faith is strong, you know it’s not necessary to get angry at people who do you wrong. It will come back to them at the right time. Forgiveness feels so much better than anger.

•    When your faith is strong, you can relax in the knowing that you have spiritual support, so stress rarely happens. Since stress is responsible for a majority of the reasons that motivate people to see doctors, keeping your stress level low is a blessing on many levels.

Faith is the best antidote to negative emotions!

The biggest blessing of my life was developing strong faith in God. It’s my spiritual tranquilizer, keeping me calm and on a positive track most of the time. If your faith hasn’t been bolstered lately, try to jump start it now. Ask for help with or answers for something. Put your negative situation into the hands of your higher power and be patient. It’s the best tranquilizer you can take!

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