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I hear it all the time. People tend to justify why they can’t get what they want because they see what’s going on right now and can’t see beyond it. You may want something badly but reality can get in the way.

•    You KNOW your barbecue won’t happen because of the dark clouds and the weatherman guaranteeing severe thunderstorms all afternoon.

•    You KNOW you have the flu because you’re noticing a few symptoms similar to what sick co-workers had

•    You KNOW you’re getting laid off because your company is downsizing and you were hired more recently than most.

•    You KNOW the guy you met recently isn’t interested in you because it’s been two weeks since you heard form him.

And so on. Every time you KNOW something based on logic and the facts about what you see, that knowing tells the Universe you expect it and the Law of Attraction obliges you. I sabotaged my desires so many times by KNOWING the outcome based on what I assumed from what seemed like the reality of a situation. As I in my Law of Attraction in Action: Knowing post, KNOWING something puts out the strongest vibration for you to get it, good or bad.

Knowing something good works well for you but KNOWING something you don’t want to happen is the best way to reinforce it happening, even if you don’t want it.

I’ve learned that the facts don’t have to cement your fate. Reality can be changed in an instant if you strongly, passionately refuse to accept it and let your vibration reflect your belief. That’s how miracles happen! And I have them regularly because I choose to create my own reality and not let the facts of the moment for it for me.

For example, when I was driving cross-country, dark smoke began to pour out from my car. I got to a rest area and a bunch of men looked it over for me. They were sure it was a problem under my motor mounts, which meant taking the whole engine apart—expensive and would take a lot of time. The first mechanic we went to said the same thing, and that it was too big a job for him. The second one we tried agreed with the prognosis but agreed to work on it the next day. I looked him straight I the eye and said he’d find something small and we’d be on our way fast.

The mechanic told me I needed to get real, that the oil leak was coming from under the motor mounts. He humored me as I told him I had to leave the next day and it didn’t matter how bad it looked, the problem would be minor. That night I gave thanks for a miracle. I affirmed over and over, “It doesn’t matter how bad the car problem looks, it’s definitely something small that can be fixed fast.” I went to sleep confident that was my truth.

Bob called in the morning, in awe, and asked how I did it. He found a crack in the oil pan that was leaking oil down the side of the motor mounts and replacing the pan fixed the problem. He couldn’t believe that it turned out to be just that since it looked so bad the day before. I just smiled, looked up, and gave some big thanks! To keep your reality positive, always remember:

No matter how bad your reality looks, it’s what you choose to believe that creates your outcomes and what you manifest.

Focus on a positive ending no matter what’s going on now. It doesn’t have to rain just because the weatherman says so. Dark clouds pass. Feeling symptoms doesn’t have to mean bad health news. Company layoffs don’t have to include you if you’re doing a good job. The guy you just met may have had some problems to deal with and will call you, even if two weeks pass.

Assuming the worst from how it looks will attract something close to your expectations, even if you don’t want those things. Instead, focus on what you want, despite how it looks. That’s the best way to get it!

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