Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Today is my birthday. I turn another year older. And, I’m happy about it! Getting older no longer scares me like it did when I was younger. I’m content with who I am. And I love me VERY much. Every year my self-love grows. Many people love themselves less as they get older. Every wrinkle, bit of sagging skin, and body ache eats away at the good feelings they have about themselves. Not me! I’m still a little a young girl at heart!

Things will change as the years pass. But I accept them as part of life and don’t have to let them diminish the love I have for me. Life is as good as you make it and letting birthdays bring you down keeps the good down too. So today I’ll be celebrating me and the blessed life I have. I came from a place of self-hatred and had many unhappy, unfulfilled years. No more! I make the most of each day, despite getting older. You can too!

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