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I’m often asked why I don’t act my age. My answer is usually that I didn’t know there were rules for how one should act at a certain time in their life. Yet some people think that when they reach a new decade of their life, they’re supposed to change and conform to expectations for that age. Not me! I tell the Universe that I still feel vibrant and healthy and expect to continue to feel young. Feeling like you must change your lifestyle as you get older attracts feeling older.

People told me I was too old to backpack around Europe but had I listened, I’d have missed out on a lot of fun. And they also said I’m too old to be such a free spirit but I attract lots of joy by being this way. While I wouldn’t wear anything too tight or short or expose too much skin, my dress style is still youthful. I actually buy an occasional top at Forever 21, because that’s what I am, despite being a year older this week.

I remember when I talked to some kids who said I must be fairly young, since my hair was still past my shoulders. They believed that women cut their hair short when they get older. While there are many “older” women with long hair, more do have it short. I thought that was funny that they judged my age by my hair. I don’t not cut my hair to look younger. It’s just who I am. I believe that  my thoughts attract a youthful appearance.  People have suggested I get my hair cut shorter but it’s mine, not theirs, so I do what works for me.

A number shouldn’t define you! When you buy into the “shoulds” of acting your age you send a message to the Universe that it’s what you expect to be and your age will be reinforced by the Law of Attraction. Why do that to yourself?? Much of how you age is in your head, or more specifically, in your thoughts. If you think you’re too old to do something or be a certain way, you are. If like me, you define yourself and what you do at any age, you send a message of having no limitations one what you can do or get. That’s better than attracting a feeling that you’re too old to do things you’d like to do or have if you weren’t concerned about what people think.

I used to worry about what others would think if I did this or that. Now I don’t, since I love myself enough to want to make myself happy, despite how others may judge my choices. Let the Law of Attraction support you in acting the way you choose, not because you’re a certain age. I’m just me and you should be just you, no matter how old or young you are. That’s a key to happiness!

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