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Last night I was at an event. The speaker asked people in the audience to share something special they’d done this year. One woman said she began to say “no” to people. Everyone applauded this feat. Women are known for […]

I continue with interviews for my Embracing SUCCESS series with celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton. I interviewed him while he was driving to the set of CSI. He asked to do a cameo on the show and got it! While Perez‘s […]

Females dream of getting married from a young age. The pursuit of Prince Charming is encouraged in the media. Girls read fairy tales and want their own Prince. Women watch movies that show perfect men behaving in perfectly romantic ways. […]

I’m so delighted to announce that the third edition of Start & Run Your Own Record Label (Billboard Books) has been turned in! It’s been an exhausting labor of pure love. I’ve been working on it simultaneously with my book, […]

Today I’m delighted to have Yolanda G. Smith, RN, MSN – Holistic Self-Care: Just For Me, Inc. as my guest. She’s a Holistic Nurse Educator Specializing in Self–Care, Wellness, and Healthy Lifestyles in Brooklyn, New York. Striving for a life […]

I talked to a woman yesterday as I waited on line in the bank. She seemed agitated and told me the pizza she’d had for lunch was haunting her. Indigestion? I asked. Nope. Guilt was ruining her day and the […]

Lisa Lillien was a hungry girl and struggled with weight issues for most of her life. When she decided to change her way of eating, she learned so much about food and wanted to share. She began Hungry Girl, a […]

I don’t normally get political in this blog. It’s for self-empowerment, not politics. But, right now, I feel less empowered as a U.S. citizen who wants her vote to count equally and don’t see an answer. I voted in my […]

Lately Maria Shriver has been on talk shows, promoting her latest book, Just Who Will You Be? She discussed a perspective that’s been mine for years—focusing on WHO, not WHAT you are—and raised my consciousness about how the way we […]