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Wow, you must watch this video in which Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, an Orthodox rabbi, praises “Rabbi Jesus.” He subsequently has clarified (h/t Hirhurium) that his comments were “carelessly edited” — shrewdly edited, might be more like it, to give emphasis […]

Try to imagine being operated on without anesthesia. A kidney is removed and then, while you are still fully awake, the surgeon displays it to you for your consideration in his hand. Sounds like a very bad nightmare but this […]

The Anti-Defamation League is being relatively restrained in its current denunciation of Pope Benedict’s intention to see sainthood conferred on his predecessor Pius XII. The ADL is only “deeply troubled,” which probably translates as “rather annoyed.” Relax, guys! First of […]

Wow, I don’t know how I missed this headline from last month, in the UK’s Daily Record. British Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks really pulls no punches: Chief Rabbi blames population fall on ‘selfish’ Darwinians  EUROPE is “dying” because the continent’s […]

…, in the sense of having a Jewish mother, raises an interesting question apart from the tragic moral enigma of a beautiful young actress’s sudden death. Forgive me if it seems impertinent to ask now, but just how many Jews are […]

After Shabbat dinner this Friday, I was reading The Yankee at the Seder to our kids for the first time — wow, this is an incredibly beautiful and moving story, gorgeously illustrated. It’s simple: just after Lee has surrendered, a […]

Recently I was part of a group from the Discovery Institute that went down to Los Angeles to make presentations about issues relating to Darwinism and intelligent design to groups of rabbis in the area. Our efforts bore fruit in […]

At last, I have something to say about Tiger Woods! And I have mathematician and bon vivant David Berlinski to thank. There’s been an unwritten law in force around the Internet the past few weeks that every blogger must register impassioned […]

Under my post The Jewish Case for Christmas, there was starting to develop a thread of conversation that I didn’t feel comfortable with. One reader cast up a bunch of quotes he found on the Internet about Jesus as portrayed […]

It’s somehow cheering to know that while the pompous know-nothingism of Darwinian atheists in the U.S. is matched by those in England, so too not only in our country but in theirs the screechy ignorance receives its appropriate reply from […]