Kingdom of Priests

Our first-grader, Ezra, recently boasted that his buddy Baruch taught him how to be “sarcastic.” The secret? You say the opposite of what you really think, drawing it out in a slightly lower pitched voice, while rolling your eyes up and making quote marks with your fingers right by the tips of your ears. For example, Ezra might say while wiggling his fingers like little antlers above his head, “Yea-ah, I rea-al-ly li-ike ve-eg-ge-ta-ables.” This represents the height of wit in the first grade.

So too, apparently, at Comedy Central where blogger Dennis DiClaudio takes a stab at my post on the evolutionary thinking of the suspect in the Holocaust Museum shooting, James von Brunn. I think DiClaudio has been getting comedy hints from Ezra’s pal Baruch.

He writes:

Wow. Somebody hurry up and invent an Einstein Award for Excellence in the Field of Thinking, because this Klinghoffer guy totally deserves it.

He has clearly proven that if a person “draws lessons” (otherwise known as completely misrepresenting an idea so as to create a bull—t justification for a flawed and hateful belief system) from a thing, that thing becomes completely responsible the person’s actions.

Clearly, this DiClaudio guy has a bright future ahead on Jon Stewart’s writing staff. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.
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