For those who objected to my post yesterday quoting Holocaust Museum shooting suspect James von Brunn on the role of evolutionary doctrine, however distorted, in his rationale for racism, let me ask you a question. Try this thought experiment. If in his crazed manifesto he had somehow found support for his thinking not in evolution but in intelligent design, do you think we would have heard nothing about it from the media as in fact we’ve heard nothing (except from me) about his evolutionary thoughts? What if he had based his hate explicitly on Biblical literalist creationism? Or on Roman Catholicism? Or Evangelical Protestantism? Or Orthodox Judaism? Would that similarly have been hushed up? 

Continue the thought experiment. Let’s say, in this imaginary scenario, that the media had indeed made clear his support for intelligent design, creationism, Roman Catholicism, or what have you. Would you then be condemning the media as you condemn me?
Please tell me your answer. Honestly now, and without resorting to personal abuse if you can possibly manage it. For those who can’t manage it, please go ahead and answer anyway. I still want to hear your reply.
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