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In previous articles, we outlined that, according to Judaism and Kabbalah, God set up the world as a system by which humanity has the choice to pull away from Him, thereby allowing for the “higher” Spouse-like relationship with Him to […]

Tuesday night through Wednesday night is the holiest day in Judaism – Yom Kippur. Since we’ve been speaking the last few weeks about the concept of Free Will, we will continue on that theme. One foundational principle is that,  for all the […]

In the past few articles we have spoken about some of the questions surrounding Free Will. Getting a bit deeper into the concept, we see that everyone has Free Will according to his or her own particular potential. This means […]

Taking the topic of “Free Will versus Predetermination” a step further, there are those who question: If God is beyond limitation, and therefore knows everything, how can Judaism claim that we have Free Will? Or, in other words, how can […]