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Often you hear people claim that there’s no such thing as Free Will. They maintain that all is determined by genetics, conditioning, or chemicals in your brain. However, imagine a professor who preaches this theory of human conditioning. For a […]

In the previous post, we elucidated that what we mean by “Good” is that which brings me closer to the Infinite, and what we mean by “Evil” is that which pulls me away from the Infinite. Now that we have […]

As discussed in the previous posts, everything in the finite points to the all-encompassing and all-inclusive Infinite Being that we refer to as God. And, being Infinite, there is nothing that God “gains” or “loses” by anything we do. Meaning, […]

In order to apply last week’s principle that similarity breeds relationship to our relationship with God, we are going to want to figure out what God is “about” in terms of how God expresses Himself to us. Figuring that out […]

Picking up where we left off last week, a third principle of relationships is that the more similar the two participants in the relationship, the better the relationship is going to be. Some people like to claim that “opposites attract.” […]