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posted by eyaakov

Often you hear people claim that there’s no such thing as Free Will. They maintain that all is determined by genetics, conditioning, or chemicals in your brain. However, imagine a professor who preaches this theory of human conditioning. For a […]


posted by eyaakov

In the previous post, we elucidated that what we mean by “Good” is that which brings me closer to the Infinite, and what we mean by “Evil” is that which pulls me away from the Infinite. Now that we have […]


posted by eyaakov

As discussed in the previous posts, everything in the finite points to the all-encompassing and all-inclusive Infinite Being that we refer to as God. And, being Infinite, there is nothing that God “gains” or “loses” by anything we do. Meaning, […]

What Is God “About”?

posted by eyaakov

In order to apply last week’s principle that similarity breeds relationship to our relationship with God, we are going to want to figure out what God is “about” in terms of how God expresses Himself to us. Figuring that out […]

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Imagine Joe was to look through a keyhole and see a masked man with a tool cutting into another person. Joe thinks to himself that a madman is having some fun with his victim, and he sees this madman as a villain. Then Joe takes a step back and notices the long white halls with the desk sitting a

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As parents, we’ll take our kids to get their shots even if they yell, ‘I hate you, I hate you’ because as much as that might hurt, you do it because you’re looking out for the kid’s best interests – it’s a giving act. If I was to ask a group of parents, ‘What’s the source of the

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Two Types of Pain Inflictors
Joe was eight years old. And, as most eight-year-old boys, he liked to play ball. One day, as Joe is playing in his front yard, the ball skips into the street. Little Joe runs after the ball, and suddenly a car comes to a screeching halt a few feet in front of him. The driver of the car sticks his h

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You often find people who shoot their mouths off with routine questions about suffering. Off the cuff, they ask, “How can there be a God with all the suffering in the world?” and “Why do bad things happen to good people?” However, it is only upon establishing certain key principles that we c

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In the previous article, we outlined that if we want to have a close relationship with the Infinite, we are going to want to transform ourselves into givers in order to align ourselves with the Ultimate Giver, God. And, if I’m created with a nature to receive, and therefore I must receive and I sh

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