J Walking

I am having such trouble writing these days… commenting on politics feels about as worthwhile as commenting on the nearest pre-school playground fight, commenting on God seems WAY above my spiritual level… so I am glad to be able to point to something beautiful my new friend Anne wrote on her blog – it makes me wish I’d gone with them on that part of the trip… if I had I wouldn’t have seen the hospital… part of me really wishes I hadn’t. More generally it would have given me time to process with my new friends. Anyway, read Anne:

The hardships of the trip – the pain we saw, the poverty, the brokenness…those things didn’t disappear or float away in the rapids of the Nile. But taking that day to rest…to go to a quiet place and be reminded of the incredible power of the Creator, if anything, more tightly knit His sovereignty and hope to the terrible things we did see.
Rest bound together the incomplete to the complete.
We cannot be dependent on ourselves and dependent on God at the same time. When we consider the practice of rest unnecessary, we also will inevitably lose sight of the necessity of God.

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