Well this is something worth writing about. Today in Mississippi (I do love spelling that state), Sen. Obama smacked down Hillary Clinton’s utter arrogance at suggesting he be vice president on her ticket.

“Now first of all with all due respect, with all due respect,” he said here during a town hall meeting. “I won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton. I won more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton. I have more delegates than Sen. Clinton. So I don’t’ know how someone in second place can offer the vice presidency to someone in first place. If I was in second place I could understand but I am in first place right now.
He referenced comments from Bill Clinton in 1992 that his “most important criteria” for vice president was that person must be ready to be commander in chief.
“They have been spending the last two or three weeks” arguing that he is not ready to be commander in chief, Obama said.
“I don’t understand. If I am not ready, why do you think I would be such a great vice president?” Obama asked the crowd, which gave him a standing ovation during his defense. “I don’t understand.”
“You can’t say he is not ready on day one, then you want him to be your vice president,” Obama continued. “I just want everybody to absolutely clear: I am not running for vice president. I am running to be president of the United States of America.”

Now despite what some people have written to me, I don’t harbor any kind of hatred or lack of respect for Sen. Clinton. To the contrary, I have respect and admiration for her. I’ve written about it and she has talked about it. I have dear, dear friends who passionately support her. I have a friend or two on her campaign.
All that being said, it is not too much to say that her behavior about this issue and other issues the past few weeks haven’t put her in the finest light. And as these things often do, this will backfire. She has given Sen. Obama the thing he didn’t have after her big wins in Ohio and Texas – she has given him a way to attack her while still being positive.
He doesn’t have to spend much time talking about her taxes or donors to the Clinton library or anything else. He can put her on the defensive just as he has.

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