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My lighthearted random Friday question has elicited some very thoughtful (as all J-Walking comments always are) responses. I’m putting up this one because I am interested in all thoughtful responses: There is no heaven, and there is no hell in […]

Joe Klein, one of the most astute observers of everything political (and, increasingly, international) nailed the South Carolina primary in this post. Make no mistake: What happened in South Carolina today was a moral reprimand delivered to Bill and Hillary […]

Barack Obama is becoming a statesman. The great thing that the Clintons did for him this past week was to put him through the cliched crucible. People started calling him the next RFK far too early because what people forget […]

Let’s think about the last week or so. What have we seen? We’ve seen the death of a young actor and the piranha press in the face of every mourning family member, friend, acquaintance. We’ve seen yet more pictures of […]

I am completely new to the social networking world. I really only heard the term six months or so ago – an ‘early adopter’ I’m not. To boot, Beliefnet has a new social networking element that is fantastic and I’m […]

There is something to John Edwards latest South Carolina ad. It isn’t just a message for South Carolina either. It is a message about our politics and the need to actually focus on issues, on details, on policy, on what […]

So, traditional Christian teaching about heaven is NOT that it is some fuzzy place in the sky. It is life here on a perfected earth – where heaven literally takes over earth. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. And […]

Want to know what Sen. Obama thinks about Jesus? Here’s a pretty blunt statement from an interview with Christianity Today: I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus […]

Apple guy v. Mac guy… from a slightly different perspective

U2 has a new film opening. It is a 3D take on them in concert. It was… stupendous. The film can only be seen on IMAX screens so right off the bat it is 60 feet tall. To make it […]