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Matt Cooper has a slightly more even handed look at the Edwards candidacy than the one I wrote yesterday – perhaps I should refrain from writing anything on the day after my last chemo dose. Then again, Matt doesn’t actually …Read More

My buddy Spence Smith travels a lot. He works for Compassion International – more on them later – and is known to take one day trips to places like Equador or Fiji or Mali. Ok, not really Fiji. Anyway, he …Read More

I heard something this morning I’d never heard before. A person saying they are so angry about the sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton that they would vote for a Republican before they would vote for Barack Obama. Extraordinary. I am …Read More

Fantastic quote: “Joy is the hardest thing, always, for any artist, for any writer, for any photographer,” Bono says. “It’s the hardest thing to capture because it’s impossible to contrive, whereas despair — you can have a good go at …Read More

I am watching John Edwards suspend his campaign and I am sad. I’m sad that his relentless voice for the poor and against the two Americas in which we live is leaving this race. I’m sad because we live in …Read More

My friend John DiIulio and I have a piece in today’s New York Times about the 7th anniversary of the Faith-Based Initiative. Here’s a snippet: President Bush has promised much. It will be left to the next president to deliver …Read More

25 years after Thriller, Michael Jackson is rereleasing the album with bonus tracks produced by some of today’s most influential artists including Kanye West, Akon and Will. I. Am.Here is the audio to the remake of “The Girl is Mine” …Read More

Matthew Cooper, now at Conde Nast Portfolio, has a very smart and sober take on South Carolina, the Clintons and Sen. Obama: As sweeping as the South Carolina win was, if Obama continues to get a quarter of the white …Read More

Ok, this is kind of funny

There is something deeply moving about this weekend’s news that Caroline Kennedy had endorsed Sen. Obama and that Sen. Edward Kennedy would be endorsing him later today. After all these years and all the tragedy and all the scandal, the …Read More