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Celtic Christians had a term for those places or for those moments where the veil between heaven and earth was lifted or was thinner. They called those spots, those moments, “thin places.” They worshipped there, they celebrated them. I’d like to celebrate them here as well.
My hope is that I will have a new picture, a new poem, a new film clip (it is amazing that most great film moments have already been uploaded to YouTube), a new song lyric every day that will be a thin place here on jwalking.
Please send them to me at Here is my first one:
It is a shot taken near Independence Pass in Colorado (approx. 12,000 ft.) early on Sunday morning. A friend had gone through the pass the previous day and told me that he wept and didn’t know why. I got there and knew – it was a thin place. I hope you can sense it too.
Please send me yours to share. Thanks.

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