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Welcome back to JWalking.
As this week passes you’ll notice some new features on the blog.
One will be the appearance of a continuing feature called “Thin Places.” That will be a daily picture, movie clip, song lyric (or song if they are online), or poem or story (or something else) submitted by readers (or by me) that reminds us that the line between heaven and earth can sometimes be a thin line, that all the news we are bombarded with isn’t really the important news.
I am also going to introduce “Micro-interviews” – they will be short interviews with interesting people. Some of those people may be known the world over and others may be known only to their family and neighborhoods. Some will be authors and some writers and some politicians or pastors or neighbors. Send me your suggestions for people you would like for me to interview (and proposed questions if you like) and I will do my best to arrange for those interviews.
I’ll also be doing – or have other people do – movie or book reviews. I know that there are those among us who specialize in such things. I hope to draw from their expertise. Just so your expectations aren’t set too high for me, I want to offer this thought – I have fairly common tastes in movies. I am not one who visits boutique theaters (sometimes “theatres”) to watch the French adaptation of a Slovak film about X or Y or Z. Perhaps my tastes will be raised.
Finally and ultimately, however, this is still a blog with a core – and that core is the daily walk with Jesus that I experience and that is shared by countless others. Everything goes back to that and is centered in that – even when I forget that is what life is all about.
Thanks for being part of this community and this walk.

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