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I interviewed John Edwards yesterday on a snowy Washington Sunday – a surprise snow of the sort that clings to everything and is another of God’s reminders that one day all will be new again (and with no slush). Thank […]

The bottom line from the whole, “Hey, I found Jesus’ bones in a box!” thing by James Cameron – yawn and double yawn. There really isn’t anything new – although I have no doubt that there are those who will […]

Click here for the full review. An excerpt: “Amazing Grace,” a prettified take on the life and times of the 18th-century reformer William Wilberforce, carries a strong whiff of piety. It isn’t a bad smell; there are notes of roses […]

I am the father to the three most wonderful girls in the world. Now, come June and with God’s mercy, I will be the father of a son. My excitement grows daily. I think that I didn’t know how much […]

I’ll be interviewing John Edwards on Sunday for Beliefnet to kick off our interviews of presidential candidates. Email me or post comments with any questions you would like asked. I can’t promise I will be able to get to them […]

Last summer, Rick Warren surprised his congregation by announcing he was going to go preach the first-ever Christian event in reclusive and oppressive North Korea. To all criticism, Warren simply said: “I know they’re going to use me,” Warren said, […]

From her interview on Sirius: “For me we all need to be Jesus in our time. …Jesus’ message was to love your neighbor as yourself, and there are people in need. I hope that people got that message” Then, lest […]

From a reader: why is the main stream media even writing about this? 35,000 children die every day from preventable things: like starvation and diarrhea…but the media, you and I…all we focus on is this Crap. It is demeaning to […]

Per my “prodigal post”, I found a picture that Kim took backstage that night in DC. I had forgotten about the pic taken seconds before she headed onstage and was again reminded of her discomfort best shown here by her […]

…from a reader: Do you wonder why Americans are so fascinated with celebrity? Poor Anna Nicole, Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and so many others. We create little mythologies out of such nonsense – little gods and goddesses – living these bigger […]