Jesus Needs New PR

The man in these videos is Pace. He works for Pastor Ed Young (You remember Ed, right? Of U.B.U. fame?). A friend tells me he’s Ed’s “right hand man.” And I’m sure there are some days when he’s Ed’s “left-hand man,” too.

Which is big job, I’m sure. Probably bigger than I imagine…

Well, Fellowship Church is gearing up for a big men’s conference… and Pace is really excited about the men’s conference.

In fact, he posted this video yesterday to help promote it. And I thought it was a pretty creative way of marketing to a bunch of men about a conference.

And I thought we could learn something from it…

See? Creative right?

The hat.

The “black man” accent.

The “fellas fellas fellas fellas” intro…

And who wants to miss it? MISS it. Capital I. Capital T. It.

But then, Pace got REALLY creative this morning… and even got one of his bois to help…

Hide your kids.

Hide your wives.

(His boyEE got embarrassed somewhere between the wives and kids…)

But bing your huzzbin

Am I missing something? Is he mimicking a movie role that I haven’t seen?

So… anybody wanna go to d’ menz confruss wid me?

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