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Our friend, PW, writes posts for the Jesus Creed blog on what it is like to be a pastor’s spouse (in her case a “wife” — hence, PW). This one is about weddings, and I’d love to hear some pastor stories about weddings.

Thisrecent YouTube video popularity sparked me to remember all the weddingsthat I have been witness to as a PW. Some wedding seasons are thetraditional, standard fare. Others are quite unique. How about you?Ministry families often get caught up in the preparations, festivities,etc. What are your fondest or wildest memories from wedding season?

Forus, one memory would be a wedding that the bride and groom insisted onconducting on a hay wagon–with the addition of a trellis. Sure enough,a strong wind and storm blew in right at the hour of the wedding. I amalways a bystander by that time of the wedding. I love watching how thecouple and families respond in the situation that is the worst casescenario on the day of the wedding.

Othertimes it is not so much the fact that there is a wedding, but the manyweddings running back to back to back. It’s a wonder the minister cankeep all the names straight…right?

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