Jesus Creed

Hout Bay near Cape Town.
Memories: little Lucca, Theo and Wilma, three young African women
emerging from the waters singing from the depth of their hearts,
and a good Sauvignon Blanc with our fish.

Must read and must see. And with it: Redefining beauty by Laurie Russell. A gift called change.

Jeff Borden, at iCrucified, has a splendid review of my Fasting book. Our friend, Jim Martin, had his blog hacked this week — but he lost not a thing. Karen on Poe (not the Edgar Allen kind). Mark Roberts on your kids and the Twilight books. On education in color by Christine Scheller.

CrossCrowd.jpgDaniel Kirk completes a four-part series on NT ethics as shaped by the cross. Maira Kalman’s newest. Owen Youngman pointed me to a fascinating new study on Twitter. The impact of Stan Grenz in Australia and New Zealand. (HT: TSK) Speaking of influence … Erika got her Bible when she was 13Pete Enns and Bruce Waltke — the debate is now complete. Katangole and the future of Africa — a review by Andrew Perriman. Next time, buy a Mac.

ReSurgence is starting a seminary (Re:Train). Speaking of training, check out the report on Michael Kruse’s site about Sawa. All I have to say is Eugene and you’re know you’re in for something here.

The need to compromise to achieve our deeper goals — a short piece by Seth Godin. (HT: BL) Will you be (Google) Waving? And who can tell us about How are journalists using social media? On which blog platforms folks are using.

Andy Rowell lists his top blogs (thanks Andy), and I agree with him on the value of the Out of Ur blog. And here’s one of my favorite blogs — iMonk — and he’s always got some big ol’ conversation hoppin’. Good thoughts on work.

Mark’s getting the color of birds right.

And congratulations to Marilynne Robinson for the Orange award (Home: A Novel


1 Jon and Kate Plus 8 deconstructed itself, and the plug needs to be pulled.
2. I’m still thinking about it — about Kindle, that is. (HT: OY)
3. Herbert on Humanity.
4. Good one by Bob Greene — and one for pastors and parents.
5. Sotomayer and the racist charge. And, as always, Brooks has a sound perception. Richard Lowry is stronger in his protestations and Herbert fights back.
6. The Tiller murder has drawn plenty of discussion.
7. Obama under scrutiny for failing on promises for the gay and lesbian community.
8. A movement that is slowing down helicopter parenting.
9. Christian music is in recession. Speaking of music: “there is a growing body of clinical evidence suggesting that music can
play a key role in aiding recovery or helping sufferers cope with a
broad range of brain-based conditions.”
10. Hello hugging.


Its now golf season for the Midwest — school’s out — and I’ve not even lifted my golf bag or begun to think of when to play. I love the grasses of golf courses, the slope of greens, a well-manicured sand trap, the ever-present challenge to hit the green in regulation, and the solid click of a well-hit iron. But …

Need help with your sand shot around the green?

What’s with Soriano hopping when he makes a catch out in left field?

And what’s with those weird golf pants on John Daly? (That’s good ol’ Ben Hogan to your right; Daly’s bright slacks are on all the golf sites.)

And — for Todd Hiestand — why the hullabaloo about Danica talking about taking sports performance-enhancing substances? Is she in a sport?

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