Jesus Creed

We can look at a slew of references for all say basically the same thing. We’ve had some early pushbacks here so I embolden the words that make our point: preaching/gospeling. Notice these references [where the word “kerusso”/preaching/proclaiming/gospeling appears]:

1. John preached about Jesus — so his preaching focused on God’s kingdom redemption in Christ (Mark 1:7).

2. Jesus preached the kingdom of God: Mark 1:38-39, 45.

3. Jesus shared the preaching ministry with, or passed it onto, his disciples: Mark 3:14; Matt 10:7; Luke 9:2.

4. Jesus told them to preach the gospel in public fearlessly and to all: Matt 10:27; Mark 13:10; 14:9.

5. Those who were healed did this [preaching] spontaenously: Mark 5:20; 7:36.

6. Jesus preached the good news to the poor: Luke 4:18-19.

7. This gospel preaching involved repentance and forgiveness of sins: Luke 24:47.

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