Jesus Creed

Another letter,

Dear Scot,

know you’re sick to death of this topic, and before writing you I read
your entire series again, but I am in a grave quandary over how to vote
on Proposition 8, a voter-led initiative on the California ballot to
declare marriage a union between a man and a woman as part of
California’s constitution.  This move is intended to override the
ruling by the California Supreme Court overturning the ban on gay


question is this.  Assuming that we accept the proposition that
homosexual behavior is not “what God has created us for or redeemed us
to” (Richard Mouw’s phrase), how do we, as members of the church apply
that in the public square?  How do we weigh what we believe to be God’s
will for humanity with notions of justice, fairness, and rights to the
pursuit of happiness.? I’m torn betwixt looking God in the face and
saying that I voted for family and societal structures contrary to
God’s intention, and between looking my gay and lesbian brothers and
sisters in the face and telling them that I voted against their
opportunity to make a civilly recognized commitment to each other.

not too worried about the slippery slope towards polygamy – I think
defining marriage as between two people is a boundary which can be
maintained.  And I’m not too worried about the slippery slope towards
adults marrying teenagers (although this was the practice in NT

I do worry about the effect this will have on the educational
system – despite assurances of supporters of gay marriage to the
contrary, this is exactly what has happened in Lexington,
Massachusetts.  And I do worry about creating a society in which
everyone will have to weigh and experiment with their own orientation
when all notions of “normalcy” are abandoned and about what effect that
will have on the institution of marriage.

Perhaps others in the community would be willing to weigh in before I have to vote on November 4th
I expect this issue may arrive in many other states in the months and
years to come.  And I would appreciate it if you would weigh in as



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