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How do you respond to this letter to me? We occasionally get letters that we think would be good for public, civil conversation. This is one of those. The letter is being used by permission and I’m urging you to be civil and thoughtful in your response. We are esp interesting in how evangelicals who will vote for Obama answer this letter.

Hey Scot –

to bother you, I’m sure you receive many emails; but I have a political
question.  And to spare coming off accusatory toward any of my
Democrat-voting co-employees where I work, I figured you’d be
a good go-to person since you seem to be one of those evangelicals who might cast a
ballot for Obama on the 4th


my hang-up:  I’m concerned for the poor and outcast in our society
because I know God cares deeply for them.  And because I have gleaned
that Dem’s are traditionally known to be more intentionally for those
who would fall into that category, I am tempted to vote Obama.  Yet, I
cannot get past the abortion issue.
  It seems to me that although we
have the poor and outcast among us,
at least they are among us
that we may care for them both spiritually and physically.  The aborted
are not, and never will be.  So although I am tempted to vote Obama for
social reasons, I cannot.  Am I wrong in thinking this way?  Am I not
seeing something?

Any advice/guidance/facts/etc.?

Grace and Peace.

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