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“At the center of the Jesus Creed is the Shema, and at the center of the Shema is the God of love, and at the center of the God of love is the word ‘one.” (From 40 Days Living the […]

Talk about a hornet’s nest of issues … our 82d kingdom text (Luke 21:31) is surrounded with them. Here is the text:

So much for global warming. Here we sit, March 27th … where are we, Australia? The worst part? I got a new driver yesterday, Nike Sumo 2. [I have to add this: I’m on the side of those who think […]

Yesterday I was in Grand Rapids — speaking twice at GR Theological Seminary. First, in chapel (more below) and then later to the Faculty (about future seminary education — I’ll keep this under wraps for now). It was good to […]

Here’s the deal. I’ve chosen the top 5 Vintage Rock and Roll songs from our nominations yesterday. So, today you can vote. The song with the most votes will reward the one who first recommended it with a free copy […]

We turn our faces today toward Pentecost — and we prepare for that Day when God’s Spirit floods us with God’s gracious, loving, holy presence. To prepare ourselves we daily recite the Jesus Creed — to love God and to […]

A sense of imminent arrival of the kingdom loomed over Jesus’ ministry, and we are not fair to the Gospel texts if we ignore that looming. Here is a text (Luke 19:11) that illustrates the sense of anticipation:

What then is postconservatism? What is the postconservative evangelical impulse? Roger Olson, in Reformed and Always Reforming, sees six features. Friends, this is the singular contribution of this book and it will be discussed for years to come, and this […]

Let’s say pre-1975 (definitely not that prog-rock stuff Bob Robinson is into), what is the best song ever? Give us a YouTube if you can. Nothing kooky; no “Ayisha” stuff either. Here’s a genuine option:I will post the winner tomorrow.

The first half of the Jesus Creed is to love God with everything we are and we’ve got. The second half is to love others [probably also with with everything we are and we’ve got]. “Loving others is a great […]