Jesus Creed

Kris and I both think blogs that are cluttered with ads are unattractive. So, we’ve done our dead-level best to avoid putting up ads. But, recently we read’s stuff about AdSense, a Google Ad program, and thought it was worth the effort. So, for two days we tried …
On Day 1 I found 30 or so sites that I had to block … some having to do with “dating” services that came over as “Jesus” sites. Manipulation and it was taking more time than I cared to give. After a day or so of doing this, and chasing down sites that needed to be blocked, I woke up one morning to discover a “Christianity is BS” site on our little “Google Ads” button. That was it. I e-mailed our ever-present friend Helen and she yanked the Google Ads for us.
For us to advertise, it has to be clean and fit with our site.

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