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How then can we turn from a consumerist church to become a race-less and class-less church? This practical question drives chp 6 of Paul Metzger’s Consuming Jesus. There has been lots of theology and lots of abstraction so far, and […]

Not all the turkeys of this world have been pardoned … and we will be eating one that hasn’t been pardoned.

“Who are you, Lord, and what are you up to?” is the question Andrew Purves, in the 2d chp of his book The Crucifixion of Ministry, asks. The minister, to avoid thinking it is all dependent upon him or her […]

How then do evangelical Christians begin to take steps to reorder the church so that it becomes less a consumeristic society and more of a race-less and class-less community around Jesus? This is the question he seeks to answer in […]

Nov 30 and Dec 1, at Northern Seminary here in the suburbs of Chicago, The Ancient Evangelical Future Conference and the Grow Center are hosting an event dedicated to the primacy of the biblical narrative. There will be some papers […]

Andrew Purves, in The Crucifixion of Ministry, contends there are two crucifixions in ministry: the first one about seven years in and the next one a long, steady dying to self and to Christ so that “our” ministry becomes “his” […]

Attending the Society of Biblical Literature in San Diego isn’t the worst of gigs, but it was surely no vacation. A brief rundown and then some thoughts on the books.

My daily Bible study, which has been chugging along non-stop for a long, long time, will be on hold until Advent. I’ll do an Advent series this year and hope to prepare us all for the birth of Christ.

How best to transform the evangelical church so it will gain sight to eliminate its blindness to such things as racism and classism and consumerism? Here Paul Metzger, in Consuming Jesus, reveals his evangelicalism.

A pastor who suddenly discovered 99% of the words in the Bible had mysteriously vanished, said this to his wife: “I don’t know what I’m going to do. What’s going to happen to our ministry? With no Bible to teach […]