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Any time someone brings up the petitions in the Lord’s prayer that concern God’s kingdom coming and God’s will being realized faces the inevitable: What does the Lord’s Prayer say about political power and global issues? In chp 4 of …Read More

The crisis Christian spirituality faces is how it came to pass that spirituality became separated from the divine embrace. This is discussed by Robert Webber in chp 2 of The Divine Embrace.

Lukas and Annika are with us this weekend as they have come for their annual “Festivus: For the Best of Us and the Rest of Us.” (I wrote about this in Jesus Creed.) Last year it had grown to over …Read More

Union with Christ, Andrew Purves argues in his book, The Crucifixion of Ministry, is “a key doctrine for practical theology and the faithful practice of ministry” (100). How does union with Christ work out for ministry?

If this letter becomes as controversial as the letter on Monday then I’ll have to rethink my strategies!

What is Christian spirituality? If the popular meaning of spirituality is “experience of the Beyond or the transcendent or of God,” Robert Webber, in The Divine Embrace, contends Christian spirituality is about “God’s embrace.”

2007 may become Emerging’s banner year in books. 2008 will see Tony Jones‘ The New Christians but that book is being set up by three significant books this year: Pagitt and Jones, The Emergent Manifesto, Dan Kimball’s They Love Jesus …Read More

Which is one of the major ideas of Robert Webber’s Ancient Future series. So it is a good time to remind once again of the conference this weekend in the Chicagoland. Nov 30 and Dec 1, at Northern Seminary here …Read More

At the heart of Andrew Purves’ fine book, The Crucifixion of Ministry, is a profound christology: the vicarious humanity of Jesus. I wish more pastoral theologians worked this way.

The response yesterday surprised me. I thought all I was asking for was some pastoral advice for a pastor struggling with what he perceived to be overly aggressive Calvinists. What we got was some serious expressions of differences. Here’s the …Read More