Jesus Creed

Yesterday I took a bit of a risk and addressed the large crowd of renewal-minded Lutherans (and others) on Mary and used the Mary texts of the Gospels as an avenue to show that “all biblical roads lead to the cross and to Pentecost.” It seemed to go well and I was so appreciative of the nice comments about the session together. Then we got a special treat:
Birger and Marie, and I can’t remember their last name but I’m sure it had some unusual vowels and some tricky unpronounced consonants, took Kris and me up the road and toward the coast to Århus — say “Oarrrrr-hus” — the worlds smallest large city. Just a twenty minute drive and our treat was that we stopped at the Queen of Denmark’s summer residence. She was not there so we got to wander around her home, check out her pool, and pick a few cherries from the Queen’s orchard. [Here is Birger’s and Marie’s family name: Nygaard. Something like “Nu-gor”.]
Here are some pictures…
Then Birger and Marie took us to downtown Århus, saw the Domkirken, and then over a street or two to where we had a proper Danish lunch — Kris had some hummus and I had a laks (salmon) sandwich. We had some of that rugbrød with some Bornholm ale — very nice, bitter-like beer. Great fellowship learning about Denmark.

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