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Yesterday was our “off day” — no speaking and no seminars — but I have to confess I’m ready for my next talk (today) and it swarmed through me all day long. But, we took the day to visit a special part of Århus called Den Gamle By, the re-creation of medieval to late modern life in Denmark.
It reminded Kris and me of New Salem, IL, the reconstruction of life during the childhood days of Abraham Lincoln. But, quite different as well — after all, we are dealing here in Denmark with many centuries instead of just two!
We decided to do this after our new, ever-joyful and grateful friend, the octagenarian or thereabouts Annelise Erdmann, who has become our breakfast companion, urged us to return to Århus by way of train to see Den Gamle By. [Den as in “denn” and Gamle is pretty straightforward, but “By” as in “bu” with the “u” sounding like the vowels in “view”.] She insisted on taking us to the train station and making sure we got the correct tickets.
On our way to Den Gamle By, we “happened” upon a lovely place where we could buy a “Danish” and have a Cafe Latte. To tell the truth, we “happened” on the same place for the same two items on our way back to the train station — and that after a sandwich in Den Gamle By. When in Denmark, have a Danish or two!
Here are some of our pictures, the first being the recently-constructed walkway that attracts crowds and crowds of walkers and diners. The rest are of Den Gamle By.

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