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Today we look at the 3d chp in Jon Wilson’s book, Why Church Matters. This chp concerns how we know when our worship is pleasing to God. Both pastors and lay leaders, along with any Christian who wonders about “good” […]

Here is another letter, an encouraging one, from a pastor whose vision has shifted in a missional direction. Used with permission, with slight editing. He’s got a great question, too:

Missional Jesus summons others to attach themselves to himself and doesn’t care what ties they have to break in order to be attached to him and the mission of God he has come to preach and enact.

Last week Krista wrote to me and then I began last week’s post with this: Your question is a good one, and it is one that has haunted my own academic career for more than twenty years. Here’s your question: […]

One of my former students, Kent Palmer, was once asked, “What is your relationship with Scot?” “It’s rather complicated, actually.” So, let me explain:

The missional Jesus enlists others in his mission — and one can see this as an evangelistic summons into the work of the kingdom by attachment to Jesus. A good place to see this is the fuller story of Peter’s […]

I’m getting more of these letters and can’t possibly put all of them on the blog, but this letter — used with permission with a few minor changes (name, where “Karen” went to school, where she did her internship) — […]

Static, that’s the title of Ron Martoia’s new book. Ron is a former student of mine and now is a “transformational architect”. I’m not quite sure what that is, but it sounds cool. As Ron’s former teacher, I must admit […]

With Mary and John Baptist now watching from the sideline (as it were), Jesus becomes the center stage as we work our way through the themes connected to Missional Jesus.

We are all for churches and Christians extending mercy to the divorced, but we are also all for advocating the permanency and richness of marriage and I sometimes think an emphasis on this is too often assumed and not taught […]