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This week I fly to John Brown University — and I have a full schedule Monday evening and Tuesday, but I’m looking forward to meeting these fine people. (Birdwatcher question at bottom today.)

I hope I remember to look at this after the elections.
Here’s the skinny on all the papers at the Westminster Theological Seminary conference on the emerging movement. Tony Stiff, with others, managed to pull off a very good conference.
Lukas had a conversation recently with a Muslim and did a series on the questions he raised for Lukas. Read the final part here. (You can scroll down to see the others.)
Here’s the Southern Baptist Denny Burk imitating a dancer — Denny, you’ve got possibilities. (Optative or Subjunctive, not sure.) Denny, is this your subtle appeal to get Wheaton’s attention?
Busters, morality, and sexuality: the Barna report.
The teenage brain: not the same. (That helps explain.)
Here’s a big one: link to this. The Pseudepigrapha online. (Thanks to Acadia and Craig Evans)
1. Jordon Cooper, with Resonate, has now posted an excellent reading list for church planters.
2. Pope speaks about sexual abuse.
3. The best news I’ve seen: California is about to overtake Wisconsin in cheese production. If Arnold’s State wins this coveted status, I hope they take all those stupid “cheeseheads” hats from the Green Bay Packers and plunk them on the head of the 49ers fans.
4. Scary GodMen; and how to explain such a phenomenon? Promise Keepers on steroids? (HT: Karen) Also here.
5. Study on SIDS shows hope.
6. The story of Russ Reno’s conversion to Catholicism — an American example of the thousands who have made the same move in England. (HT: A Tooley)
7. UB40’s “Red, red wine” got a boost this week: read this report.
8. Fish for food has numbered days.
9. This deserves to be at the top but I ran out of space — a fantastic intimation of Wolfgang Simson’s 15 theses at TSK.
10. Thanks to a student, Ryan Starr, I was sent this: should I laugh or cry? Left behind or still here? Scroll down to “Video: Left Behind: Rapture as Video Game.”
11. Peter Lumpkins is interviewing Roger Olson.
Bear Sightings: two weekends ago we rode on a plane with Rex Grossman; last night Kris and I were leaving a restaurant (name not given to protect him if it is his regular place for Friday dinner) when none other than Brian Urlacher walked in. I said, “Hey Urlacher.” He said, “Hey.”
The Bulls are supposed to be good this year; but I must admit playing basketball Oct 1- June 15 hardly interests me. When the snow goes, it’s time to play baseball.
Just how good are those Bears? (And what a great schedule they’ve got.)
On Birds: I mentioned recently that we’ve had a Northern Harrier hanging around our backyard. Wednesday I took this picture: he was eating (what looked like) a dove. The Harrier has been hanging around, evidently, to capture prey — but I suspected it was our chipmunks. But, no, he’s after birds. I hadn’t heard of that.
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