Jesus Creed

I’m not one to pay all that much attention to Study Bibles, but the Harper Collins Study Bible, based on the NRSV and edited by HA Attridge is a Bible that churches and pastors and others will surely want to have within arm’s reach.
Unless I’m mistaken, this may be the first study Bible that is fully onboard for a historical-critical approach to the notes. The authors are representative scholars of the Society of Biblical Literature. They advertise the authors as “historical, critical, and open scholarship” (xviii). I could mention lots and lots of names, but they include Richard Hays, David Aune, Harold Attridge, Richard Bauckham, David Clines, James Crenshaw, Michael Fox, Bev Gaventa, Lee Keck, Sophie Laws, Burt Mack, Eric Meyers, Jacob Milgrom, Patrick Miller, Carol Newsom, James Sanders, David Tiede, Ray Van Leeuwen, Adela Collins….
Essays on all kinds of subjects — historical, archaeological, and biblical — and quite a few notes at the bottom of the page. I read the notes on Matthew and James and 1 Peter and they are representative, scholarly, and fair — and historical-critical at every juncture.

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