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A while back I posted on our brief visit with Spencer Burke, creator of At the time I mentioned that Spencer had written a new book that gives a twist to universalism called The Heretic’s Guide to Heaven. On […]

Christians, according to Romans 8:9-11, are not in the flesh. They are in the Spirit. That, Paul would argue, is the difference between those in Christ and those not in Christ. What does having the Spirit mean?

Jordon Cooper, blogger par excellence (I used that French because he’s Canadian and want to establish a little credibility), posted about me yesterday and I aim to set the record straight today. He wonders if there is a clone out […]

Randall Balmer’s book, Thy Kingdom Come, turns in chp 2 to ask this question: “Where have all the Baptists Gone?” and looks at the First Amendment. Here’s the overall thesis of the chapter: “America needs more Baptists — real Baptists, […]

The indicator that a mind is set on the things of the Spirit, according to Romans 8:5-8, is to submit to “God’s law”. Here are the kinds of things Paul says:

From now until July 28th, order one copy of The Jesus Creed and you can get two additional copies for just $1.00 each! Use coupon code PRJesus and place your order on-line or call 1-800-451-5006 and ask to speak with […]

If asked, would you participate in a Discovery adventure into outerspace? I got to thinking about this when I saw the picture of those on board of this new space exploration and experiment. Here are my thoughts:

Last night I discussed on Extension 720 Mark Galli’s bood, Jesus Mean and Wild. I’m not sure about the word “mean,” for what Galli means is not really a dictionary definition — he’s speaking of the stern Jesus, of the […]

“… what the Torah, weakened by the flesh, could not do.” So Romans 8:3. What could the Torah not do?

Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts the Faith and Threatens America, An Evangelical’s Lament, by Randall Balmer, is bound to create some controversy for those who read it and who are willing to face the tough suggestions and […]