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The NY Times article on Greg Boyd’s church in Minneapolis is catching attention. Why? (Below.)

About two weeks ago, Lukas and Annika arrived for a wedding of friends (and former students of mine), so we all went to the wedding. Then a day or so later, Lukas and Annika flew to Florida so Luke could …Read More

Evolution or intelligent design, science or faith? Those are the questions that shape chp 4 of Randall Balmer’s Thy Kingdom Come. Once again, his points sharpen the debate as they create controversy. Here are his central claims:

A Blessing, from the Celtic Prayer website: Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee; all things are passing, God never changeth! Patient endurance attaineth to all things; who God possesseth in nothing is wanting; alone God sufficeth. + In the …Read More

On one of the comments on my post response to Jordon Cooper, I was asked these questions by J-Marie:

A nice interview with Anne Lamott about prayer and faith. Part one, Part two.

Epstein suggests in the second half of his sixth chapter on Friendship: An Expose, eight reasons why friendship as an art, as a preoccupation, or as a core value is no longer what it was. Wondering what you think of …Read More

In a delicious irony, I was finishing up Balmer’s 3d chapter on education and democracy while on the TV in the living room Ann Coulter was being interviewed by Chris Mathews on MSNBC. They were outside; young students were in …Read More

NT Wright has a lengthy, ten-point summary of Romans 7:1–8:11. Here are this theses:

I was notified yesterday that Leon Morris, the great New Testament scholar from Australia, died Monday afternoon in Melbourne. He was 92. I was fortunate to have been a teacher at Trinity seminary when Leon Morris was retired and doing …Read More