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In any discussion of homosexuality we need to set what the Bible says in context. Those statements come from contexts about covenant behaviors and sexuality in general, and the also come in the context of understanding what it means to […]

Fewer texts have been used more than Matt 7:1: “do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Sometimes this text is used properly; other times it seems that Christian folks use the text to encourage all of us not […]

Kris and I were at the Covenant Church in Roseville, MN, Saturday and Sunday. We had two sessions on Jesus Creed on Saturday, and they straddled a wonderful home-made lasagna dinner for all of us. The pastors, Rick Carlson and […]

Mike and Kathy Holmgren are huge supporters of North Park University, but it was especially difficult for me to be happy for them when Mike was the coach of the Green Bay Packers. But, now that he is in Seattle, […]

Well, I begin with a story from my life. When I taught at TEDS, I regularly polled my students by reading essays and exams, and came to the conviction that the vast majority of the students were not pre-tribulationists. They […]

In the first class I ever taught I had a Scottish student named Peter Grant (God bless him). One day I told him that I grew up with a family friend, an Englishman, who, when he got stubborn, my parents […]

Top billing this week goes to some good blogs I found this week dealing with themes surrounding the pursuit of social justice with respect to racism. Maurice Broaddus has some ongoing reflections on ontological blackness: part 1, part 2, part […]

Kris and I had a wonderful dinner last night with some local students who are definitely interested in things emerging. We gathered at Firkin’s in Libertyville. We got to know one another some and had a nice dinner. I could […]

Here is a paper I gave at North Park last year, in which I explore an implication or two of the Italian Renaissance writings on education, in which I offer a mild case for their being a good canon of […]

What Jesus taught from watching birds has troubled me for some time. I wonder how you explain it. Before I say anything, let this question be asked because this is what troubles me: in what sense is it true that […]