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A question for you and I hope a brisk, informed conversation. But first a brief explanation. I have been hearing of late, from a variety of quarters, that more and more churches are starting “satellite campuses” and, in effect, “satelliting” …Read More

How can you tell if a prophet is true or false? Jesus has a very simple solution: “By their fruits you can recognize them” (Matthew 7:15-20). False prophets deceive in appearance but inwardly are ferocious wolves. Fruit, Jesus says, is …Read More

This, our second post on Jesus and homosexuality, begins our survey of the central themes of Jesus’ ethical/moral teachings, and asks how such a theme might shed light on our discussion. I think we can agree that there is no …Read More

The following story is from Becky. She sent this in on a previous post and I’ve asked her permission to re-use her story of God’s embracing grace that has the power and force to help each of us with our …Read More

There are, the famous opening lines of the Didache state, “two paths: one of life and one of death, and the difference between the two is great.” These were some of the lines I was asked to translate when I …Read More

Kris and I were at NorthBridge Church this morning, a wondrous new church in Antioch, IL. Mark and Michelle Albrecht are the pastoral leaders, and they have adopted a genuinely missional approach to gospel work. This was the first Sunday …Read More

Mark Roberts’ series in response to Bart Ehrman is very good, and anticipate a series I plan to do myself. I’ve linked to only one post in the series. 1. I really like my son’s post on Airports. I’ve been …Read More

I’m not saying Benedict XVI has read Jesus Creed, but his first encyclical is a very nice and clear presentation of a theological and biblical understanding of love and he gets it going with Jesus’ modification of the Shema. (HT: …Read More

There was a blog-fight about the Emergent S3K discussion, and here are some reports about what was said and responses: Ryan Bolger begins here. Any responses?

Some people, so I’m told, sleep soundly all night long. Others, and I know not the statistics for they do not change my life one bit, do not sleep soundly all night long. For about 45 years I slept soundly …Read More