Jesus Creed

Blog of the week: iMonk’s confession of his spat with his wife, and how this leads to a long reflection on his loathing of his pastoral career. And Kerry Doyal’s gentle reminder that it is not about us.
1. Here’s a new blogsite up and running again by Barb Hungerford.
2. Robby Mac proves what Barna means by “distributed formation” in the current emerging movement. Are they people of the spark?
3. Many know of Doug Pagitt, but his blog is one of those that tells us what he is up to and doing. I just got his Body Prayer and I’ll post something on it soon.
4. Luke’s post on a Frost poem is very nice.
5. Brad Bergfalk’s post on why young pastors leave the ministry and all those comments.
Last but not least, Simonas has some nice things to say at his blog. I love his poll and we voted for only God (and Simonas) knows what.

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