Jesus Creed

Whoever said an Introduction to the Bible class couldn’t be hilarious? Well, yesterday, one of our sharp-minded students took it upon himself to dance the Napoleon Dynamite song. That’s right. Eric (last name omitted to keep his parents happy) wore a Vote for Pedro shirt, hiked up his jeans, and came to class ready. His hair has always been Napoleon’s. He forgot a boom box for his CD, gosh. But…
He was aware that the class next door had a TV with a CD player, so he asked if I could ask permission to use it. When I approached the Prof, he jokingly asked what for and the next thing my entire class paraded down the hallway into that classroom. After everyone was seated, Eric made his inimitable entrance with an obligatory “Gosh” or two, and proceeded to dance his way through the music. Impeccable. Everyone was shocked and awed by his talent.
And by his forgetfulness to zip up. Priceless.
North Park beat Wheaton in soccer; it now has Napoleon Dynamite.

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