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In general, I believe most translations are fine — I can read the KJV and ASV and the NASB and NIV and the NLT and the NRSV and the ESV and even something as paraphrastic as The Message and say […]

My son, Lukas, now has a blog. Take all your baseball questions to him. What a hoot for us to find that one tonight!

Just in case you didn’t see this one, you might like Brad’s story about his son. I know how he feels.

It is only 2005 and I am willing to stick my neck out and announce the best book on Scripture for the new century. Kevin Vanhoozer, The Drama of Doctrine, has captured the modern discussions about propositionalist, expressivist, and the […]

Just in case you haven’t heard what Pat Robertson said, or want to read a nice aggregation of responses, see this site at CT. HT: Bob Robinson. The issue for me is not whether he apologized or not (and his […]

Choosing a college for a young man who grew up among fundamentalist Baptists, who had preachers come through annually to tell us that the Rapture would occur any day now and why it will end by 1973, was not an […]

There is no reason here to get involved in all the discussions that linguists and translation theorists get into today. Here are some thoughts we need to consider when we talk about why there are translations. First, the context of […]

I got a request from an e-mailer to blog on translations. This is the first one of such posts. There are a number of good translations available, and there are advocates for each one, and they use a variety of […]

Perhaps this has been done and I have not seen it, but there is a need for a study of the praxis of early Christian visitation. Check the word books on episcopos/episkep– and you will see the issue quickly become […]

Yesterday I was invited to speak at an all-day Faculty Retreat for Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis. The school has about 1200 students (K-12), and the Faculty represent a wide spectrum of the Church — many, of course, from the Evangelical […]