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Psalm 55:17 (18 in Hebrew): “Evening, morning, and noon.” Notice how the English translations translate.

Because of the combination of a growing student body and the retirement of two colleagues (Cal Katter, Jim Nelson), we have an opening at NPU in the Biblical and Theological Studies Department. We are looking for someone who can teach […]

The Real Shepherd, the Pastor of pastors, Jesus himself, was a compassionate person whose compassion for people drove him to prayer and to action for the people. A missional orientation will only be genuinely missional to the degree that it […]

We’ve put a poll on the sidebar to poll readers on some topics. I’d like to see how this works and we could have some fun with it. (I haven’t voted.) And, it would be really nice if you’d obey […]

In this series of posts, I will look at what Jesus did and said and says to us today about being missional. “Missional,” if you recall, is a global term for what God is doing in this world and how […]

I must tell three people a week that the emerging movement/conversation is too diverse to classify, but I continue to hear stereotypes — one recently by a professor who has absorbed the stereotypes as his own judgment. So, if you’d […]

I will be blogging shortly on preaching — its problems, and then do a series with Brad Boydston on Doug Pagitt’s new book, Preaching Re-imagined.

I’ve offered a mild case for inclusive translation in a previous post, and here I will use Kevin Vanhoozer’s section on what “contextual theology is not” and apply his four criteria to “what dynamic equivalency is not.” Some are suggesting […]

Yesterday’s post discussed inclusive translation for public readings, but raised the question of what translation is all about. What are we doing, or trying to do, when we translate? I will begin with James 1:20 again. Here is the original […]

My son’s new post on short stories is up.