Jennifer Cares

Exposing your true feelings may be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s worth it! Dig deep.  Think about your feelings and get them out.  Take a nice, deep, calmiing breath…be honest and gentle.  Sharing in this way will definitely help you to create or strengthen a relationship.

Here are a few questions to get you started talking about your feelings:

1.  When do you feel happiest?

2.  When have you felt the most jealousy?

3.  When do you feel overwhelmed?

4.  When do you feel scared?

5.  What fills you with the greatest feeling of love?

These questions are from my book, Caring Questions:  Sensitive and Fun Conversations Starters for Caregivers.  I wrote it in an effort to help familes reconnect and start talking…even in the midst of scary, confusing times.

Please ask (and answer!) these questions with someone you love.  Talking like this regularly will definitely strengthen your relationship.



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