Jennifer Cares

It’s the first day of summer! The summer solstice began at 7:28 am (EST).  History teaches us that this change can bring us much happy hope for the week ahead.

Traditionally, the summer solstice signifies a time of celebration.  People felt great joy because of the coming harvest, and warmer, longer days. 

Ancient people, in awe of the power of the sun, held bonfires and parties to try to increase the sun’s energy on this day.  Many believe that time stands still with the summer solstice, and that anything is possible on this day.

What a wonderful idea that is! Let’s embrace that thought…anything is possible on this day.

Forget about your troubles, your worries, your burdens. 

Step outside.  Feel the sun on your face. Smile. Be energized by the power of that beautiful sunshine.  Let it fill you up with the comforting warmth of hope!


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