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For those of you in Denver looking for something to do this weekend check out the Five Points Jazz Festival.

That is the question isn’t it?  How do you follow strange fruit?  We as followers of Christ wrestle with that everyday.  How do we follow strange–unnatural–fruit.  For the loveliest lynchee was our Lord! Without Sanctuary:  Lynching Photography in America is […]

Abe Meeropol was a school teacher in the Bronx.  After seeing one of these pictures he put pen to paper and wrote the disturbing and undeniable poem Strange Fruit. He convinced jazz singer Billy Holiday to lend her distinct voice […]

My love…You are beyond description.  As it was sung at our wedding, "If you find a love that’s tender, if you find a love that’s true, then thank the Lord, He’s been doubly good to you." Barbara, you are proof […]

Jazz:  On the Cusp of a Golden Age?

Strange Fruit used to hang from trees in America. Col. Charles Lynch was a Justice of the Peace with his own kind of justice in the late 1700’s.  He would hold illegal trials and upon convictions, would tie the suspect […]

There are three fundamentals to jazz and thus a jazz shaped faith. Syncopation:  Accenting the offbeat.  This is what allows jazz to swing and when applied to prayer or bible study it brings to light, not hidden meaning but meaning […]

When we realize that jazz is more than music than  whole new way of living the Christian faith emerges.  One that leads to creativity in our walk with God and relationships that resemble an ensemble so that we can find […]